If you have received a notification in the mail requesting an IRS Revenue Officer Interview you should contact us immediately for a free consultation at 866-631-3470. The purpose of an IRS Revenue Officer Interview is to gain information from you that will be used against you, perhaps in an audit. IRS Revenue Officers are highly trained and skilled, and will use tactics that are designed to put you in a position to offer too much information, or to open additional areas within the target return or other year’s returns. The overall goal is to expand the issues in question and maximize the amount of revenue the IRS representative can generate from your account. Our conversation(s) are protected by attorney-client privilege and we can counsel you on how to respond to the IRS’ request and what specific information to provide. We will handle all communications with the IRS to ensure that your exposure is as limited as possible and to protect your interests. We have the experience and expertise to stand up to the IRS and ensure that this does not become a fishing expedition at your expense.


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