Are you thinking about bringing an international business to San Diego or the United States?  Are you planning to start a new business entity to add to the existing constellation of your companies, or are you considering a joint venture with an existing American business?  These decisions can be quite complex.  How do you move investment money onshore?  What are the tax implications of transactions here in the States and between the entities you have abroad?  Are you aware of California’s tax policies and the benefits of the Water’s Edge Election?

The multi-disciplined professionals at Allen Barron offer an integrated solution to your plans.  We provide tax, business formation, legal, accounting and business advisory services under a single source.  Our professionals can provide informed counsel and advice to help you to select the best entity for your plans, or to structure a joint venture which will allow you to come up to speed more quickly and access the US marketplace with lest cost and more efficiency.

Our tax attorneys and tax accountants help to structure the entities and transactions to comply with transfer pricing requirements, international tax as well as US and California taxes.  We help you to preserve more of the business you generate to increase your bottom line profitability.  Our business advisory team has decades of expertise in all arenas, from small business to large multi-national corporations with manufacturing, supply chain management and distribution around the globe.  The integrated nature of our services provides a much higher perspective as you approach bringing an international business to San Diego or the United States.  We save you the hassles of seeking advice from separate business attorneys, tax attorneys, tax and accounting professionals, CPAs and business consultants.  You can leverage the skill, experience and expertise of the integrated services of Allen Barron while taking advantage of the savings brought by economies of scale.

We invite you to contact us or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation today.  We want to help you to accomplish your goal of bringing an international business to San Diego or the US.

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