Business Entity Selection

Every business is different. Your choice of business entity should be informed by your goals, and it should directly reflect your needs with regard to ownership, liability and tax considerations.

Some entrepreneurs discover that an entity choice was erroneous — usually once it’s too late. Hastily made decisions can lead to serious problems, as can cheap, cookie-cutter paperwork. Shooting yourself in the foot can be painful.

Start With The End In Mind

At Allen Barron, Inc. based in the San Diego, California, area, we advise businesses that are eager to grow and thrive. We are strategic and far-sighted, harnessing decades of relevant, real-world experience. We are in the business of helping companies succeed.

Concerning entity selection, we counsel our clients to start with the end in mind. If you are planning a new venture, you should be asking yourself questions like:

  • What is my exit strategy or succession plan? Do I want to keep this business? For how long?
  • How much do I need to know about the differences between a corporation, a limited liability company (LLC) and a partnership?
  • If I have created an LLC, do I have an operating agreement? Do I need one?
  • What kind of advice do I need about ownership structure? What options are available?
  • How do I handle a disagreement? When do I need an attorney?

Every business is different. Don’t make the mistake of forming an entity that was developed for someone else’s business.

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