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Business Succession Planning to Ensure Success

Why should you consider business succession planning to ensure success for your company in San Diego or Southern California?? How does a business succession plan protect the ongoing operations of your business and the interests of your heirs and beneficiaries?? The primary objective of a business succession plan is to ensure the continuation of profitable operations while reducing the likelihood of disputes within your family.? Business succession planning is an important strategy for any new business or established LLC, corporation or professional practice.

Most people don’t want?to consider what will happen if they become incapacitated or suffer a serious illness or accident.? How will the business you’ve poured your life, energy, intellect and money into continue in your absence??Implement a sound business succession plan to ensure success by provide the resources and instructions necessary to ensure a smooth transition until you are prepared to return or the next generation is truly prepared to assume management responsibilities.? The foundation of the business succession plan is a revocable trust, which provides for a transition into short or long-term management, a transfer of ownership or ultimately the sale of the company.

The integrated legal, estate planning, tax, business advisory and management consultants and accounting professionals at Allen Barron help you to establish the rules and instructions which reflect your wishes, while leveraging the unique experience and insight you have into your company’s operations.

The plan may call for the hiring of external professionals or the promotion of existing employees or heirs.? Your directions ensure a successful transition plan is in place to promote existing management or family members into positions of authority.? Allen Barron’s expertise helps you to establish business succession planning to ensure success for your company and the distribution of income, distributions or proceeds.? We ensure clear guidelines are in place to guide your spouse or family through the transition while anticipating any conflicts which might arise and provide a path to resolve them.

Usually you would need to work with an estate planning attorney, financial planner, accountant, tax attorney and other professionals to complete your plan.? Allen Barron integrates these disciplines in a single source providing a much smoother and cost-effective solution.? Our business, legal and tax experts have decades of experience to guide you through the process.? We invite you to contact us or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation.? Learn about the strategies which will protect the company you’ve worked so hard to build, while providing for those you care about most.