What steps should you take to establish and manage intellectual property for offshore licensing?  You have unique ideas, processes, mechanical inventions or even software code that you would like to license to offshore partners.  This is an excellent strategy to expand your business scope and profitability, and to leverage existing investments and assets.  What steps should you take to protect your intellectual property, and how does a business prepare that intellectual property for offshore licensing?

The experienced international business and tax attorneys at Allen Barron are prepared to assist with every step in this complex process.  For creative entrepreneurs and companies who operate on the cutting edge of technology these challenges can seem quite daunting.  Allen Barron’s team will work with you to properly register and protect your intellectual property in the form of a trademark, copyright, or patent.  We then help you to structure the corporate contracts and intellectual property agreements and international business entities that allow you to license your inventions and intellectual property for use around the world.

Should you simply enter an agreement to license your software?  Should you form a joint venture or another type of entity to conduct business in Asia, Latin America or Europe?  How do you protect your intellectual property and defend it against illegal use or infringement?  The attorneys at Allen Barron are uniquely positioned to provide accurate and expert guidance on each step in the process.  We support our clients as they take new steps into international markets, and help them to manage associated accounting and tax issues.  If you are considering international business and require assistance with the protection of intellectual property we invite you to call for a free and substantive consultation at 866-631-3470.

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