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Estate Planning Helps Small Business Owners to Protect Their Business

Estate planning helps small business owners to protect their business and all of the hard work they’ve invested to build it.  A small business owners estate plan should provide trust protection for their LLC, C Corporation, S Corporation or other business entity.  Estate planning for small business owners can be quite complex, and should incorporate the tax planning and legal protections from the perspective of the company and its owners.  Usually, the ownership interest is placed within the protection of a revocable trust, with a “pour-over” will to capture any assets that might be inadvertently missed or accumulated after the trust has been implemented.

Allen Barron is uniquely positioned to provide guidance, insight and legal services to small business owners throughout the San Diego region.  Our blend of tax, accounting, business and estate planning helps small business owners to protect their business.  A well conceived and executed estate plan provides maximum protection while enhancing the financial value of an ownership interest that is passed from one generation to the next.

The small business owners estate plan should also provide for stability during major life challenges such as a divorce, an accident or medical emergency that incapacitates the business owner, as well as the financial challenges a personal bankruptcy might present.  The estate planning attorneys at Allen Barron will review your present estate planning, and all aspects of your company to ensure that all issues are addressed.  If you conduct business internationally, or hold offshore accounts or business ownership, Allen Barron is prepared to offer strategic insight and tax guidance relating to FBARs and FATCA compliance while extending the protections of the attorney-client privilege.

If you are interested in learning more about how estate planning helps small business owners we invite you to contact us or call today for a free and substantive consultation at 866-631-3470.  Learn about the value of integrated business, accounting, tax and legal services and the financial cost savings available to small business owners.  It is important to develop a plan of action now, before the inescapable unexpected developments of life make it impossible to do so.