San Diego is uniquely positioned for a local, regional, national or multi-national business or corporation.  Janathan Allen is an experienced San Diego tax attorney for domestic and international business interests.  With decades of experience, Ms. Allen advises LLCs, S-Corporations, Professional Corporations and C-Corporations and those with multiple corporate entities as they work to minimize tax exposure and increase business profitability.  In addition to her law firm, Janathan L. Allen, APC, Ms. Allen is also a principle in Allen Barron – a single-source partner for tax, legal, accounting and business advisory services.

The domestic and international business climate has substantially changed over the past several months.  The IRS has formed a high-level unit entirely focused upon transfer pricing issues inherent with international business operations.  Recent news out of Washington, D.C. consistently points to consideration of a “border tax” and changes to domestic corporate and international taxation that would impact many businesses here in San Diego.  Local business owners work to comply with State of California and San Diego regulatory issues.  Who can a business person turn to for sound advice, strategy and counsel regarding their present operations and future plans?

Allen Barron provides an integrated perspective for our clients that spans multiple disciplines.  This allows us to have conversations with our clients at a much higher level, providing insight into the business, legal, accounting and tax implications of any business decision.  We eliminate the need to hire and pay separate companies or professionals such as a business attorney, tax attorney, CPA, accounting services, tax preparers and financial planners.  Each of these are only able to contribute their piece of the puzzle.  The real question is:

How does each piece of the puzzle best integrate to provide the solution that will increase income and profitability while reducing costs and taxation?

That is the benefit of an experienced San Diego tax attorney for domestic and international business working in concert with the legal, accounting and business advisory professionals at Allen Barron.  We invite you to contact for a free consultation at 866-631-3470 and learn more about the economies of scale and insight we can contribute to increase the short and long-term success of your business.

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