Allen Barron provides extensive tax expertise and assistance with FBAR Preparation, Filing and Compliance.  If you have offshore bank accounts, investments, assets or own or control a portion of a foreign corporation the time to come into compliance with the IRS is now.  Thousands of financial institutions worldwide are providing information to the IRS directly about US taxpayers, their accounts, balances on hand, and transactional details.  There is no more offshore safe haven.

Allen Barron can extend the protections of the attorney-client privilege as we discuss your FBAR preparation, filing and compliance issues.  We will help you to evaluate all options including the OVDP and streamlined program to determine your best alternative for coming into compliance.  Learn about the list of banks and institutions that the IRS has identified as violators in assisting US taxpayers to evade paying taxes, resulting in a mandatory 50% penalty.

These are serious matters, and the proper resolution of your offshore financial reporting and compliance can literally save you tens of thousands to millions of dollars.  The IRS is aggressively pursuing offshore account holders.  Call Allen Barron today for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.  Learn about the extensive services available to you under a single roof including international business, tax, accounting and legal expertise.

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