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How Do You Polish Your Business Before You Sell it in San Diego?

How Do You Polish Your Business Before You Sell it in San Diego

If you intend to sell your company, or believe there may be another business or individual who is interested in acquiring you it is important to polish your business before you sell it in San Diego to make sure everything is in order. This will maximize the value of your company and the likelihood of success for any potential acquisition transaction downstream.

When we work with clients in this regard, our first task is to go back and identify areas of potential weakness. This encompasses all procedures, validity of client lists, business financials, tax returns and potential errors or omissions which have to be updated.

It is important to look for anything that could disrupt a sale down the road, or cause someone to come back and say “you misrepresented” something or that the representation and warranties cannot come into question resulting in liability after the sale.

Legal disclosures require going through all of the corporate books to ensure that they are up to date, that the statement of information has been filed, that there are no statutory issues such as dissolution of the company, no tax liens or notice of determination against the company at the state or federal level. We work through the process of due diligence in legal, tax and accounting.

Putting your best foot forward shows that your company is professionally run, that nothing is amiss, and that you are indeed an attractive option for a merger or acquisition. Taking the time to polish your business before you sell it in San Diego is a profitable and strategic decision which can pay substantial dividends in the immediate future or down the road.

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