How does the attorney-client privilege protect a US taxpayer during an IRS audit?  Why is it so important to work with an experienced tax attorney compared to a CPA, tax preparation team, accounting firm or financial advisor?  The answer is “protection.”  You need to be able to provide your counselor with detailed, private information in order for them to provide insight and advice, while protecting you from additional exposure or risk.  Many taxpayers do not realize:

The IRS can compel a CPA, accountant, tax preparer, or any other financial advisor to reveal and provide any and all information you provide to them, as well as the substance of all communications (written, electronic or verbal).  Your information is completely exposed.

Only the “attorney-client privilege” provides complete protection during an IRS audit, collection matter or other interaction with a federal or state agency.  The attorney-client privilege is a solid legal wall, and our conversations as well as your financial details and information can be kept confidential and protected while we work on the best solution for your unique situation.

If you are facing an IRS audit you should never speak with the IRS directly.  We invite you to contact us for a free and substantive consultation at 866-631-3470.  You will learn strategies to protect yourself and your financial information, how to prevent or limit “scope creep” and why it is important to respond cautiously and carefully to any IRS inquiry.

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