How can integrated professional services provide better business solutions for your San Diego business?  Why should you consider the integrated legal, tax, accounting and business advisory services of Allen Barron instead of relying upon the separate opinions and services of an accountant, business attorney, tax attorney, tax preparer, financial planner and business counsultant?

At the turn of the 19th century a person wishing to prepare a fine dinner would have several stops to make.  They would visit the butcher shop, the produce vendor, the baker, a dairy and ultimately “Ye Olde Spirit Shoppe” to procure a fine vintage.

You might be able to get several tips from each vendor regarding their portion of the meal, but none of them could tell you how to integrate your preparation, oven time and seasoning to ensure all portions of the meal were completed in the right sequence and timing and your four course dinner came together to create the perfect feast.

Today you can accomplish all of these steps in a single visit to a high end store.  The same is true in business.  Integrated professional services provide better business solutions.  Business today is incredibly complex and important decisions must be made quickly and correctly in fairly immediate time frames.  Every aspect of your business relies upon the other.  Your production is based upon the integration of just-in-time suppliers or outside vendors, the actions of your employees and efficient and expert management coordinated by several information systems which assist with every step in the process while capturing the accounting details and providing accurate dashboard data in an integrated manner so management may view the status of their responsibilities at a glance.

In addition, the corporate tax laws have substantially changed and your management team must realign the business and operations to minimize your tax burden and increase profitability.    Having to seek the input of an accountant, business attorney, tax attorney, tax preparer, financial planner and/or business consultant to answer the crucial business questions, challenges and problems of this age is much like the inefficient and non-integrated journey to each of the shoppes above in the 1890s.  None of these professionals one can provide an integrated solution and provide sound advice and an action plan which considers the issue from the whole of your company and every perspective of the problem.

Allen Barron’s integrated professional services provide better business solutions to our clients.  You can bring your challenges, opportunities and questions to our conference table and have access to a team of professionals who attack the issue from a higher perspective.  Our integrated professionals can look at the challenge from every perspective and provide a more comprehensive, accurate and implementable solution.  Our clients value the efficiency and economies of scale our business model provides.

They respect the accurate business insight and counsel we provide.  The appreciate the ability to solve their business problems and get answers to their most complex answers quickly, efficiently and more importantly correctly.  The right answer from a broader integrated perspective.  We invite you to download our business white paper “The Value of Integrated Legal, Tax, Accounting and Business Advisory Services” and contact Allen Barron or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation to learn more about how our integrated professional services provide better business solutions to our clients.

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