There are many businesses with global interests here in San Diego.  Tax time can be especially challenging as international business tax returns require detailed knowledge and experience.  The international business and tax attorneys at Allen Barron provide a comprehensive palette of services including tax, accounting, legal and tax return preparation to help international businesses to maximize retained revenue while complying with the unique tax implications of international transactions.

The IRS has recently formed a specialized team of internal investigators and are focusing on international businesses with transfer pricing issues for investigation and IRS audits.  It is best to be prepared in advance for these eventualities as the IRS works to tighten global financial transparency and cooperation between international banking services, sovereign tax authorities and the agency itself.  Structuring the corporate structure of your business and the realization of income and location of intellectual property is key to maximizing the retention of profits in a global business.

The Allen Barron team, led by Janathan Allen, are prepared to assist with international tax return analysis, preparation and filing.  In some cases its simply a matter that your business has outgrown existing legal and accounting professionals.  In other cases it is a matter of consolidating work that is currently being performed independently by multiple outside vendors and internal workers.  Each professional works their “piece of the puzzle” without a true understanding of how the pieces fit together and the implications of one decision upon another.

Allen Barron helps to solve these challenges while integrating perspectives and associated insight and advice into a single-source provider.  You receive much deeper and broader perspective and sound advice based upon the variety of international issues your companies must deal with, while taking advantage of economies of scale and more productive work flows.  If you own or manage an international company here in San Diego we invite you to contact a firm with the expertise and service capabilities to manage international business tax returns while delivering genuine value and the quality of insight and understanding that is required to make informed business decisions in an ever-changing world.  Call for a free consultation today at 866-631-3470.

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