Are you facing an IRS audit?  Janathan Allen and the attorneys at Allen Barron provide IRS audit representation in San Diego and Southern California.  The first step is to download our free guide “What to Expect from an IRS Audit” and learn about the process of the IRS audit and important information regarding how to handle yourself and communications with the IRS.

In short, a US taxpayer shouldn’t communicate directly with the IRS.  It simply isn’t in your best interest, and the interaction creates additional stress you should have to deal with.  The most important thing to know before your audit starts is this:

The IRS revenue officer “auditor” has already established a strategy for your audit that will result in you paying additional taxes.

Most US taxpayers provide far too much information in response to the IRS auditor’s requests.  The auditor uses this information against you to incriminate you and expand the scope (and expense) of the audit.  IRS revenue agents are highly trained and highly skilled.  There is no “getting on their good side” and you absolutely are not required to and should not provide anything more than exactly what they request.

As an experienced IRS tax audit attorney with decades of experience I can tell you that auditors don’t always fully understand Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP) or US tax laws!  We often are required to explain the taxpayer’s process, the concepts of accounting that underlie their return and the laws that apply to the taxation of income itself.  We protect you from the IRS and ensure that they abide by all laws and respect taxpayer’s rights.

The net goal is to reduce or eliminate your need to write the IRS a big check at the end of your audit.  It’s also about reducing the pain and stress associated with the audit process itself.  If you seek IRS audit representation in San Diego I invite you to call for a free and substantive consultation at 866-631-3470.  Ask about the attorney-client privilege and all we can do to manage all communications with the IRS on your behalf and provide peace of mind to you going forward.

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