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IRS Commissioner Warns of 3 Red Flags for Selecting Tax Preparers

IRS commissioner John Koskinen recently cautioned US taxpayers about selecting their tax preparers for the coming tax season.  Tax return preparation and submission is one of the most important annual responsibilites for US taxpayers.  There are few things that can cause genuine problems faster than a dispute with the IRS.

In his notes, Koskinen warns of 3 red flags to be wary of:

1. A preparer who bases fees on the size of the refund.

2. A preparer who asks you to sign blank or incomplete tax returns.

3. A preparer who can’t provide a PTIN (preparer tax identification number)

Here at Allen Barron we prepare tax returns for our business clients, as well as US expatriates, US taxpayers with offshore investments or accounts and those with substantive interests.  Our clients enjoy the protections of the “attorney-client privilege” not only as we prepare and submit returns, but if any question should ever arise with the IRS.

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