Offshore Investment Scams

Before you invest your life savings in an offshore investment scheme that sounds too good to be true, consult our attorneys to find out if the scheme may be fraudulent.

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Protecting Your Nest Egg

Many investment scams have one thing in common: They are located offshore. There is a reason for this. Once your money leaves the United States, there is no getting it back. Even if the money went to a country you think is safe, your assets will likely to be transferred somewhere else shortly after arriving.

The following are just a few offshore investment scams that can end up costing you dearly:

  • Iraqi dinars: The Iraqi dinar investment scam has been around for several years, but has recently gained in popularity. It offers investments in nearly worthless Iraqi dinars. These dinars are no more likely to appreciate than confederate currency after the Civil War.
  • Chinese bearer bonds: Some U.S. investors have purchased bearer bonds issued more than a century ago by a previous Chinese government. The investors expect the current Chinese government to make good on these bonds. However, the likelihood that the current Chinese government will honor bonds issued by a previous government is extremely unlikely.
  • Filipino trusts: From Ferdinand Marco trusts to Multinational Telecom Investors Corp., the Philippines has been home to a variety of investment scams.
  • Offshore tax shelters: Offshore trusts designed to protect assets and eliminate taxes, including those promoted by KPMG, have been exposed as fraudulent. Foreign trusts must be disclosed to the IRS, or you could face civil and criminal penalties.

Our law firm provides legitimate financial planning and asset protection services to keep your assets safe without exposing you to tax disputes with the IRS or loss of your investment to offshore scams. Allen Barron, Inc. and Janathan L. Allen, APC provide you the protection of attorney-client privilege while applying extensive legal, tax and accounting expertise to your asset protection needs.

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