Intellectual property (IP) can take many different forms. From software code, mechanical inventions and production processes to slogans, images, musical melodies and song lyrics, the ownership of ideas and technologies is a key element in the success of many of the world’s top businesses. When it’s done properly.

For businesses built on the innovation of their founders, the legal agreements that codify IP ownership can make or break everything. We provide insight and guidance to our clients to help identify and protect their intellectual property.

Setting Up Agreements, Defining Ownership, Charting A Course

At the law firm of Janathan L. Allen, APC, we are holistic, practical and smart about IP matters. Our lawyers understand the business, tax and accounting aspects of intellectual property. We can help you be successful when it comes to:

  • Setting up agreements to define IP ownership
  • Doing business overseas, including in Asia and Latin America
  • Separating new intellectual property from your old inventions and licensing it to new users
  • Protecting yourself from IP theft
  • Dealing with copyright infringement when it occurs
  • Preventing or addressing partnership disputes
  • Careful entity selection and formation, which is essential for any product or service company
  • The sale of assets and the appreciation of IP value over time
  • Making sure you get paid for — and you properly account for — the use of your property

Our attorneys can draft IP agreements more affordably than many other firms.

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