New legislation has been enacted that will require partnerships and LLCs to name a partnership representative for IRS Audits.  The new laws (which go into effect in several months) affect existing partnerships and LLCs, as well as any newly created LLC or partnership agreements, private placement memoranda, or any contract or document associated with the “grant, redemption or sale or transfer of a partnership or LLC interest.”

According to the new rules, the IRS will conduct a single audit, and the partnership or LLC will be represented by a single representative.  All other partners or members in the LLC will have no input or right to participate.  The “Representative for IRS Audits” will have the sole authority to act on behalf of the LLC or partnership.  If a default judgment is reached and money is owed, the partnership entity or LLC will be primarily responsible for paying the debt.  It is important to note that the partnership entity and LLC may “push” the liability out to the individual partners or members, including members or partners who may no longer be associated with the entity but had an interest during the year(s) pertaining to the audit.

This new legislation should result in modification of existing partnership agreement and LLC corporate documents.  The entity will need to name a representative for IRS audits, however, it should also direct that representative to take no action and make no decisions without the authorization and written consent of a majority of the partners or members.  Existing agreements and future agreements should also address the process for handling the payment of any amounts owed as a result of an IRS audit.

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