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IRS Audit Tax Attorney San DiegoAre you approaching a substantial new opportunity or faced with a challenging problem? How can integrated professional services provide better business solutions for individuals and businesses?

In most cases, a specific problem or issue is actually a symptom of a larger challenge. You’re probably wondering:

What can I do to solve this problem or leverage this opportunity quickly and efficiently?

How will this affect other aspects of my business or life?

Who can help me to understand all of the complex issues at hand and provide a complete solution which resolves my challenge or goal?

If your challenge is limited to a specific issue or problem we will help you to resolve it.

If you your opportunity or concern involves complex business, tax, estate planning and trusts, legal or accounting concerns Allen Barron provides the integrated professional services to help you to understand the whole picture. We will tailor a solution which best balances all of the integrated aspects of the issue at hand.

We invite you to review the strong recommendations of former clients and contact Allen Barron or call 866-631-3740 to speak with us or schedule a free consultation today.

Competition in a Fast Paced World

San Diego IRS audit attorney international tax lawyer businessThe impact of globalization and technology upon business in the United States has resulted in a much faster and more competitive business environment.

Business decisions today are much more complex than even a decade ago. How will you manage your business through the challenges ahead of you?

At the turn of the millennium, business owners faced simpler problems. Perhaps a tax issue, or the need for a contract. Accounting primarily informed financials and tax.

Business consultants were only necessary for major projects and were not economically accessible for small to mid-sized businesses.

Today’s business issues are much more challenging. Decisions have become much more complex. One must consider a problem in a larger context and deeper perspective than ever before.

The impact of a poor decision is much more costly in terms of success, business relationships and profit, and in some cases may threaten the viability of the company itself.

The Problem

Global strategy solution concept – earth jigsaw puzzle

Presently, most business owners must turn to a variety of professionals to accomplish important tasks along the business life cycle of their company. They may employ one or all of a myriad of separate business professionals including:

  • business attorney
  • tax attorney
  • trust, estate planning and business succession professionals
  • CPA / bookkeeper / accountant
  • business adviser or coach
  • financial planner or adviser
  • tax preparer


Each professional accepts responsibility for their own piece of the puzzle in this model. But how do pieces fit together? They aren’t separate, they are actually quite integrated. Business decisions impact multiple aspects of the company.

Who can analyze and communicate the implications of a decision, opportunity or challenge across every department or aspect of your business?

Why is it so difficult to get a straight forward answer to your questions?

The Solution

Tax Legal Accounting Business ServicesAllen Barron provides integrated high-level business consulting services to provide a competitive advantage to our clients. The business climate today is fast paced and quickly evolving. Important business decisions must be taken quickly. Business owners and executives require integrated information from multiple disciplines to inform complex decision making. Today more than ever the questions facing executive management are complex and intertwined.

Today’s business life cycle moves quickly and requires detailed information and informed analysis from a broader perspective. Tax decisions may affect the structure of entities within affiliated companies. Accounting systems must capture detailed up-to-the-minute data and communicate it to operational decision makers to inform supply channel decisions. Critical business opportunities such as expanding to a new continent may lie outside of existing manager’s areas of expertise. How will the structure of entity “x” affect the tax liabilities of company “y” and the distribution of products in various parts of the world?

The professionals at Allen Barron provide all these services in a single source. We can tell you how a decision or issue will affect or impact your business from multiple perspectives: tax advantages or burdens, operations, profitability, corporate structure, accounting and tax reporting, as well as the impact it will have on your supply chain management and employee culture.

Are you looking for a single source integrated business services company with deep expertise to whom they can entrust any “problems” which arise?

Do you want to hand off your problems and challenges to a partner you can trust knowing it will be handled in an expert, efficient and cost-effective manner?

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