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Pass Wealth or a Business Interest to the Next Generation

A well structured trust is a central estate planning tool for small business and closely held family business owners to pass wealth or a business interest to the next generation.  This includes heirs, beneficiaries and future generations of your family while minimizing the impact of taxation and maximizing control.  The estate planning and trust attorneys at Allen Barron work to develop a uniquely tailored estate plan that preserves all of the wealth you worked so hard to develop and protect.  We help you to work through important decisions surrounding the division of property and assets while providing needed liquid assets for a surviving spouse.

Business succession planning ensures that your company is protected and that ownership and control of the company pass smoothly to your designated beneficiaries when the time comes.  Our seasoned tax attorneys provide insight and advice into the impact taxation may have upon your wealth and how to reduce or eliminate this burden altogether.  Business owners appreciate the convenience, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of utilizing a single source provider for the preparation of a trust, as well as all areas of concern including legal advice, business guidance and counsel, tax planning and accounting services.  Theses services and our sound advice and counsel ensure you are prepared to pass wealth or a business interest to the next generation.

If you have offshore assets or interests our experienced FBAR and international tax attorneys will provide insight into the complications of FATCA, and help to develop a strategy that ensures compliance with the IRS and FBAR requirements while preserving and protecting all that you’ve built.  Learn about the protections of the attorney-client privilege and how that extends to all of the work we do on your behalf.  These protections are unavailable from CPAs, accountants, estate planning and wealth management professionals.

If you are considering a trust to pass wealth or a business interest to the next generation while protecting assets and reducing tax exposure we invite you to contact us or call today for a complimentary and substantial consultation at 866-631-3470.  We will work with you to develop a plan to accomplish your goals, provide peace of mind and a solid framework for managing the transition and ensuring that your intentions are fulfilled.