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Preparing a Business for Sale in San Diego

Are you considering selling your company or positioning it to be an attractive option for the right buyer?  Preparing a business for sale in San Diego takes several months and usually more than a year.  In today’s rapidly changing business climate you must be prepared to act quickly and efficiently and one of these steps is keeping your company or corporation in a position to acquire or be acquired.

Why is this a good time to consider selling a business?  Many financial analysts expect the present economic stability to last into late 2018 as we complete a long-term business debt cycle.  Buyers are therefore optimistic about the economy and future opportunities for expansion, and credit is become much easier to obtain both from private equity sources as well as mezzanine lenders.

Why does it take so long to sell an LLC or corporation here in San Diego?  The earlier you begin business succession planning and your exit strategy the more options you will have downstream.  In order to successfully complete due diligence a buyer will want to see up to date and positive financial statements and books.  Many businesses do not have their financial statements, taxes and books up to date and ready for review by a potential buyer.  This process alone can consume months.  Allen Barron’s business estate planning, legal and tax attorneys help to develop the business succession plan and our accounting and tax professionals help to bring financials and taxes up to date and easy for a potential buyer to work through.

Preparing a business for sale in San Diego involves protecting and strengthening key relationships with vendors, customers and employees.  The business advisory group at Allen Barron can help you to develop a strategy for if and when to inform key employees and how to protect the integrity of your business while placing it onto the market.  Buyers are looking for a well run business.  They are also looking for candor and transparency from the seller.  Getting your financial and organizational house in order provides additional confidence to look a potential buyer in the eye with confidence and enthusiasm regarding the present state and future potential of your business.

Why should you consider preparing a business for sale in San Diego or Southern California?  You never know when the opportunity to acquire or be acquired will arise.  Preparing your own company positions you to pursue all opportunities, mergers and acquisitions and sales offers which might arise.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.