Pursuing Violations of Fiduciary Duty in San Diego
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Pursuing Violations of Fiduciary Duty in San Diego

Are you looking for an experienced legal and financial team with experience pursuing violations of fiduciary duty in San Diego?  Many executives, board members and officers have the obligation to act in the best interest of the company or corporation known as a “fiduciary duty.”  The fiduciary duty exists when a special degree of expertise, confidence, trust or reliance exists in a business related relationship.  California laws strictly govern the responsibilities of fiduciaries while prohibiting them from implementing decisions or taking actions which are not in the best interests of those who legally expect to benefit from the service of the fiduciary.

What happens when a person in a position of trust takes an action or actions which are a violation of their fiduciary duty?  Pursuing violations of fiduciary duty in San Diego requires legal skill and experience.  Most LLC operating agreements and partnership agreements clearly establish the roles, responsibilities and duties of the various parties.  If one of the members in an LLC or partners is a partnership becomes aware of an opportunity during the normal course of business and attempts to take advantage of it on their own it is very likely a breach of fiduciary duty may have occurred.

In a corporate setting officers and directors absolutely owe a fiduciary duty to the corporations which they serve.  Actions such as attempting to solicit or recruit away employees of the corporation they serve to another entity within their influence, or establishing a new company which will compete with a corporation to which they owe a duty is very likely a breach of fiduciary duty which will result in an actionable lawsuit.

Allen Barron’s business litigation attorneys protect our client’s interests while aggressively pursuing violations of fiduciary duty in San Diego and Southern California.  We invite you to contact us or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment with one of our proven and experienced attorneys.  Learn more about your options and how to protect your interests.

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