There is a lot for a new business person to learn when starting a new LLC in San Diego or Southern California.  Getting your start-up business going and becoming profitable is a challenge for any business person.  The experienced business advisers and attorneys at Allen Barron provide much more than simple forms.  We help you to position your company to succeed out of the blocks – anticipating the challenges that will occur and how the company will survive and thrive.

The LLC’s corporate documents should include an “operating agreement.”  The operating agreement establishes the roles of each LLC member, their personal and professional responsibilities and their voting share.  The operating agreement also establishes how profit will be identified and distributed.  What happens if the business needs to attract additional investment?  What happens if one of the principle members of the LLC has a major health episode, or becomes incapacitated?  What happens in the event of the death of one of the founding members?  These issues should all be thoroughly discussed up front, and addressed in the operating agreement.  Establishing how the valuation of a business interest will be calculated ahead of time saves the company from lawsuits, litigation and in-fighting down the road.

Starting a new LLC in San Diego should be based upon your ultimate goal for your business.  Are you intending to build it up and sell it?  Do you want to establish a permanent business you can pass on to your children and heirs?  Will the business be local, or will it conduct inter-state or global business?  What are the tax ramifications of starting a new LLC in San Diego and how can you maximize the amount of profit you get to keep at the end of the day?

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