Anyone following the upcoming presidential election knows that the economy has been a hot topic. With national unemployment hovering above eight percent, both candidates are proposing their plans to turn the economy around. These plans include ideas to help small businesses.

Are you one of the millions of Californians who run a small business? Maybe you’re considering starting a small business. If so, there are many factors to consider beyond just making the business profitable. You must consider the legal liability of operating the business, the taxes you will be subjected to, the ownership structure, and a myriad of other factors.

Selecting the appropriate legal entity for your business is of utmost importance in dealing with these issues. The legal entity you select will not only affect the factors listed above, it will also impact many other areas of your business. Running your business as a sole proprietorship is often a risky decision, especially with regard to legal liability. Without protecting yourself with the shield of a legal entity, your personal assets are unprotected in the event of a lawsuit.

With the plethora of entities available to California businesses, it is hard for businesses to know which entity is best for them. Business attorneys like Janathan L. Allen, APC are experts in helping owners of businesses of all sizes with selecting the appropriate legal entity for their business. Consulting with an expert on entity selection, which is a complex issue, can help to put a business owner at ease. Janathan L. Allen, APC will take into account your goals for your business, and what is most important to you. Knowing that you are taking the proper legal steps in setting up your business will allow you to focus on what you do best, running the business.

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