Avoid Transfer Pricing Issues With Proper Guidance

Many businesses want to avoid the cost and hassle of a transfer pricing audit with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). To make sure they are compliant with American tax regulations, these businesses need to submit a plan to the IRS before trouble happens.

Many international companies experience difficulties after they create a U.S. subsidiary and start using it to import goods from overseas. In most cases, they simply ignore the tax implications of transfer pricing and hope that the issue doesn’t come up. Even sophisticated business leaders may not realize how different IRS regulations are from European tax rules.

Talk To An Experienced International Tax Attorney

At Janathan L. Allen, APC, our experienced international tax lawyers can help your business protect itself from serious tax problems. Specifically, we can assist you by:

  • Creating a corporation in the U.K. or elsewhere in Europe
  • Explaining and making adjustments for the differences between European VAT (value added tax) and U.S. income tax
  • Developing a comprehensive tax strategy
  • Advising and representing you in an audit if necessary

If you undergo a transfer pricing audit and the IRS isn’t satisfied with your submission, it can assess back taxes, plus significant penalties and fees. As a client of Janathan Allen, APC you will enjoy the protections of attorney-client privilege as you discuss your import and transfer pricing practices. Taking proactive steps together will maximize your import-related financial strategy and save money by reducing or eliminating the potential for an IRS audit altogether.

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