San Diego based owners of international or foreign corporations understand the business and tax complexities of an international company in today’s ever-changing environment.  The realities of coordinating the activities of each business as it supports another require sophisticated systems.  Transfer pricing strategies dictated by US laws can affect corporate income decisions and associated taxable ramifications.  Filing appropriate FBARs, corporate and personal tax returns can become a night mare.

The challenge is the multiple perspectives brought to the table by separate partners for needed professional disciplines such as international business and corporate attorneys, tax counsel, CPAs and bookkeepers.  Does any of these professionals have the ability to understand the “whole picture” let alone the impact one decision has upon another?  This is the advantage Allen Barron brings to its international business clients.  A single source of professional disciplines working together, guided by the vision and expertise of our managing partner.

Our international clients value Allen Barron’s ability to integrate the business and tax complexities of an international company with the realities of business management and decision making.  We develop systems to capture valuable intelligence and data at every point of manufacturing, production, distribution and sales.  We provide the protections of the attorney-client privilege during sensitive legal matters or events such as an IRS audit.  We can interpret the implication one decision will make upon the company as a whole, or any one of its parts.

International business is about profit, and maximizing global opportunities.  Your business partners at Allen Barron provide the advice, expertise, experience and strategies necessary to maximize the profitability of your efforts.  We reduce your exposure to disputes and lawsuits and provide the legal services, tax advice, accounting and tax preparation and business advisory services necessary to establish and grow your international presence.

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