The interwoven nature of business tax legal and accounting issues requires an integrated business service provider such as Allen Barron.  Our clients value the ability to bring the problems, challenges and opportunities to the table and discuss them with experts across the legal, tax, accounting and business advisory spectrum.  They leave that initial meeting with some fresh insight and additional options to consider while our team works through the issue(s) to discern the best answer from the higher perspective of what is best for their business as a whole.

Decisions aren’t taken in a vacuum.  If your present operations and systems aren’t capturing the details of your business effectively you are missing out on some of the vital information with which to make timely and informed business decisions.  You can’t simply consider a tax issue without discussing the accounting strategies which inform the tax data as well as the legal strategies surrounding the issue itself.  Developing a tax strategy may be sound in and of itself, but fall apart when it comes to implementation across the breadth of your business and the impact it might have upon your operations, sales and service departments, employees and suppliers.

Presently, most business owners and executives have separate professionals they rely upon for tax issues, legal services and dispute resolution, accounting, supply chain management, consulting and planning.  Each of these professionals looks at a problem, challenge or opportunity from the limitation of their own perspective.  Allen Barron sees your issue from a much broader and more comprehensive perspective.  We draw upon the insight and expertise of each of our professionals to evaluate the impact each potential solution or option may have upon your business and bring recommendations to the table which are well conceived and analyzed from the perspective of your company as a whole.

The interwoven nature of business tax legal and accounting issues requires an integrated business service solution strategy.  We invite you to download our white paper “The Value of Integrated Legal, Tax, Accounting and Business Advisory Services” and contact Allen Barron or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation.  Learn how we can help you to make better and more sound decisions, reduce tax implications while positioning your company for growth and increased profitability.  Allen Barron is a partner our clients can turn to with their problems, challenges and opportunities knowing we will provide sound counsel and a solid strategy.

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