The quality of a business contract affects every aspect of the transaction or relationship it governs, and a well drafted business contract guides the parties smoothly and efficiently.  I am often asked why people who use download sites are taking such a risk?

The answer is quite simple: Download legal sites deliver boilerplate solutions, and there is far too much room for things to go wrong.  It’s what hasn’t been said, the contingency that wasn’t anticipated and written into the agreement that costs so much money in the end.  When legal agreements are absolutely clear, and the terms are quite specific, there is little room for disagreement.  If something doesn’t go as expected, the remedy is in the business contract and there is little room for dispute.

The reason business litigation is so expensive is related as much to the time associated with the dispute, as it is with the amount of the dispute.  Business litigation resolves areas of disagreement between parties.  If the business contract is clear, concise and leaves no room for misinterpretation, a judge can and will quickly rule.  This keeps litigation prompt and cost-effective.  A poorly crafted business contract leaves too much ambiguity, too many issues unclear.  The judge then must crawl into the gaps, and attempt to understand the intention of both parties in order to reach a judgment.  This is much more expensive and consumes months and years.

The business contracts you find on download sites are not crafted to the transaction they guide, or the employment relationship they are governing.  At Allen Barron, our clients value the quality of our business contracts, and the time we invest to understand the transaction or relationship underneath them.  This allows us to craft an agreement that leaves little room for interpretation, and saves our clients vast sums of money and time.  Contracts are the basis of business.  A quality business contract guides the parties from the inception, through any bumps along the way to the successful completion of a transaction or relationship.  This is why the old maxim is true: The quality of a business contract affects the likelihood of litigation.


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