Many would summarize business in the new millennium as the risk and reward of international business and tax as global trade expands.  The political winds weigh heavy upon the minds of many San Diego international business owners and corporate managers as they search for the best path forward.  The questions relating to proposed changes in corporate taxation such as the elimination of taxation upon exports and the reduction or removal of deductions on imported goods and services leave few answers.  Only more questions.

How then should you lead in such uncertain climate?  The answer lies in attention to detail.  You must be prepared personally, and your company must be prepared at every level to move quickly in response to market changes and the tax ramifications of political action, here and abroad.  The ability to make accurate, quick, insightful and informed decisions on a moment’s notice is the edge you will need in the coming months. 

For example, would proposed changes in US corporate tax law lead you to contemplate the sale of your company?  It takes a year to 18 months to prepare any business for sale, and yet these are the very issues business owners should be attending to so that they are ready when the time comes.  Information is the key to accurate, quick, insightful and informed decisions.  Where does this information come from?  It is derived from your own corporate systems and the capture of information at every step of each corporate process or production cycle.  Your internal systems must capture relevant information and pass it directly to management dashboards which provide immediate access at a glance to those who must make corporate decisions.

The risk and reward of international business and tax is often a delicate balance, and the scale is tilted to gain when your company is well positioned, organized and capturing the data and information necessary to inform your corporate decisions.  Allen Barron is uniquely positioned to support you through these times.  Our unique blend of business, legal, tax and accounting expertise combined with our depth of experience in the management of multi-national business and international tax provides a deeper insight into any issue, question or challenge.  We provide multiple disciplines in a single-source.  We leverage economies of scale while providing our customers with insight that is based upon a much broader and higher perspective.  A business attorney has no idea how an organizational decision may affect taxation in multiple markets around the world, nor the accounting challenges or business complications which might arise.

Our experts bridge these disciplines to help our clients to understand the impact across all aspects of the organization and how to maximize opportunity while reducing risk.  We invite you to contact us or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation and to open a conversation about your goals and how Allen Barron can contribute to the success of your corporation in the coming months and years.  The risk and reward of international business and tax will be maximized or lost based upon your ability to make accurate, quick, insightful and informed decisions on a moment’s notice.

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