What are the tax implications of offshore investments, bank accounts and foreign corporate ownership?  Allen Barron is uniquely positioned to provide expert international tax advise, as well as legal counsel and supporting accounting services.  Tax, legal and accounting in a single source vendor.  The IRS and California’s tax agencies are bearing down on US taxpayers with offshore bank accounts, investments, foreign partnerships or ownership interests in a foreign corporation or income producing property.

How do you reduce the tax implications of these investments while taking advantage of the global investment markets and maximizing the return on your money offshore and here in the US?  The structure of your investments and holdings as well as the entities that contain these properties and accounts will have powerful tax implications.  The experienced legal team at Allen Barron helps to ensure that your investments are not classified as PFICs (which exposes you to the highest marginal US income tax rate).

Our seasoned tax attorneys work to ensure full compliance with IRS FBAR reporting and disclosure of activity when appropriate through the OVDP or streamlined programs.  We provide our clients with the protections of the attorney-client privilege which is unavailable through a CPA, accountant, bookkeeper or other financial professional.  We guide and advise on all offshore activities with the specific goal of minimizing your tax exposure, while protecting you from the draconian efforts of the tax agencies, or an IRS audit.

If you have offshore investments or bank accounts contact us for a free and substantive consultation at 866-631-3470.  Learn about the skill and experience of our international tax attorneys and business advisors, and the positive impact Allen Barron can make upon the tax implications of all your offshore activities.  The world of international investment and bank account holdings has become much more transparent, and therefore perilous for US taxpayers.

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