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Trust and Estate Planning for San Diego Business Owners

Trust and estate planning for San Diego business owners requires integrated legal, tax, estate planning and accounting expertise.  There are many issues which you as a business owner should take into account when developing plans to protect assets and the beneficial interests of a spouse, loved ones and the causes which are important to you.  Many Californians are not concerned with estate and gift tax exemptions as they are presently $5.49 million per individual.  However, successful business owners must consider all aspects when approaching business succession planning and their own personal estate plan.  Allen Barron is uniquely positioned to provide sound advice and counsel based upon a broader perspective of business, tax, estate planning and legal impacts of every decision associated with these important protections.

Our attorneys guide you through a comprehensive review of your holdings, assets, financial accounts, business interests and liabilities.  We work with you to ensure your intentions are captured while preserving the maximum amount of your life’s work for the benefit of your surviving spouse, heirs and beneficiaries.  Trust and estate planning for San Diego business owners encompasses several legal and corporate documents, strategies. legal entities, insurance and tax considerations.  What assets require protection from creditors?  What will happen to your company if you become incapacitated or are lost in an accident or unexpected illness?  How do you ensure the smooth transition of ownership and/or management of the business you’ve worked so hard to build?  How do you provide for your spouse, children, loved ones and the interests you care so deeply about?  How do you reduce or eliminate tax events, probate and access to your accounts, assets and holdings?  How do you protect your loved ones from their own individual issues while providing for their needs?

Allen Barron is able to manage every aspect of your business succession plan and personal estate plan.  Our integrated tax, legal, estate planning and business expertise provides broader insight into the whole picture while leveraging economies of scale.  We help you to ask the right questions.  You get the right answers.  Allen Barron is a strong business partner for trust and estate planning for San Diego business owners and their families.  We invite you to contact us or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation today.