Failure to File FBARs is a Key Issue in the Manafort Trial

Failure to File FBARs is a Key Issue in the Manafort Trial

The failure to file FBARs is a key issue in the Manafort trial and ultimately the charges he faces regrading tax evasion.  One of the witnesses called upon was Paula Liss, a certified fraud examiner, anti-money laundering specialist, and senior agent for the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network or FinCEN.  The Report of Foreign Bank […]

A Notification of Audit from the IRS is Serious Business in 2018

While the number of audits conducted by the IRS has dropped in recent years, the agency is focusing its resources on audit targets which will produce revenue for the US Treasury.  This is why a notification of audit from the IRS is serious business in 2018.  If you have been contacted by the IRS it […]

Pursuing Violations of Fiduciary Duty in San Diego

Are you looking for an experienced legal and financial team with experience pursuing violations of fiduciary duty in San Diego?  Many executives, board members and officers have the obligation to act in the best interest of the company or corporation known as a “fiduciary duty.”  The fiduciary duty exists when a special degree of expertise, […]

Shareholder Dispute Resolution Options in San Diego

Are you involved in a shareholder dispute?  What are some of the most effective shareholder dispute resolution options in San Diego?  If you are a minority shareholder and are concerned about asserting your rights against oppressive majority stakeholders the experienced business litigation attorneys at Allen Barron can provide options and sound counsel.  The fastest and […]

Substantial Decision in Prop 65 Appeal Highlights Risk for Businesses

The substantial recent decision in a Prop 65 appeal highlights risk for businesses under California’s Proposition 65 as it applies to the upcoming deadline to come into compliance with clear and reasonable warning labels.  In the case of “Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation v. Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment” the primary issue was the level […]

Major Change in California Independent Contractor Misclassification Law

There has been a major change in California independent contractor misclassification law as the result of a recent decision by the California Supreme Court.  The ramifications of the decision in this case will be challenging for many San Diego business owners and employers to accept and implement.  The new laws resulting from this decision create […]

Take Advantage of New Tax Laws for Real Estate

How can you take advantage of new tax laws for real estate regarding investment property or rental real estate in San Diego?  Why should you consider this form of investment in the years to come?  I recently presented in a seminar entitled “Do You Want To Learn How to Take Advantage of the New Tax Law by […]

Is This The End of the OVDP for IRS FBAR Disclosures

Is this the end of the OVDP for IRS FBAR disclosures regarding offshore bank accounts, investment accounts and assets?  The IRS has in fact announced it will close the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program or OVDP on September 28, 2018.  The IRS has strongly recommended that all US taxpayers, including resident aliens who live and/or work […]

Many Half Efforts By Business Owners Will Result in Prop 65 Penalties and Litigation

As the deadline of August 30 approaches for California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) compliance I continue to be amazed at the general disregard which many business owners seem to be taking with regard to their responsibilities, exposure and substantial financial risk associated under the oft misunderstood measure.  Many half efforts by business owners will result […]

California Prop 65 Exposure for All Channels of Distribution

The long awaited date of August 30, 2018 for California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) to go into effect is quickly approaching.  Allen Barron is cautioning all business entities regarding the California Prop 65 exposure for all channels of distribution and manufacture of commercial and consumer products throughout the state.  Any business with 10 employees or […]

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