The Benefits of a Tax Attorney

The Benefits of a Tax Attorney

Whether you are an individual, a small business owner, a corporation, a partnership or LLC or US expatriate the benefits of a tax attorney can make a substantial financial difference in your life and business.  When the services of your tax attorney are supported by accounting and legal services you achieve a much higher, and […]

A Tax Attorney Can Provide the Greatest Insight into Trust and Estate Planning

A tax attorney can provide the greatest insight into trust and estate planning.  Why is it important to consult with an experienced and seasoned tax attorney when establishing or reviewing a trust?  The very purpose of most trusts is to reduce the taxable burden associated with the assets placed within a trust and to minimize […]

Surviving a California EDD Business Payroll Audit

Are you concerned about surviving a California EDD business payroll audit?  California businesses are audited every three years by the Employment Development Department (EDD).  The California EDD business payroll audit is considered “education outreach” but is a serious audit that carries the potential for heavy fines, penalties, back taxes and interest.  The EDD wishes to […]

Have You Received a Letter of Notification of an IRS Audit?

Have you received a letter of notification of an IRS audit?  You are right to be concerned and there is a lot you need to know about an IRS audit. The IRS Has Not Selected You at Random Why were you selected for an IRS audit?  The IRS determines areas of concern and develops algorithms […]

How Does International Tax Planning Differ from Domestic Tax Planning?

How does international tax planning differ from domestic tax planning?  There are many firms which focus on domestic tax planning, far less who concentrate upon international tax planning and then there are those rare tax, legal and accounting firms which can handle both flawlessly. The pace and scope of business has dramatically changed over the […]

When Dealing with an IRS Audit you Need to Know Your Rights

When dealing with an IRS audit you need to know your rights.  Managing conversations with the IRS during an audit is not only nerve racking and challenging.  It can expose you to additional tax liability and financial risk.  However, when you do have to deal with an IRS audit or agent you have rights that […]

Transfer Pricing is Key for International Business Taxation Strategies

Transfer pricing is key for international business taxation strategies.  Transfer pricing is the cost paid for goods or services exchanged between affiliated corporations.  Transfer pricing has increasingly become a target for the IRS and California state taxation agencies.  Transfer pricing is also one of the primary ingredients for many international business taxation strategies.  These transfers […]

An IRS Tax Audit Opens the Door for California Tax Agencies

Did you know that an IRS tax audit opens the door for California tax agencies?  If you receive a notification from the agency regarding an IRS audit, you have several immediate concerns.  Your tax attorney and accounting professional at Allen Barron will provide extensive guidance on what to expect from an IRS audit and prepare […]

FBAR ALERT: IRS OVDP Ends in 18 Days

The IRS OVDP ends in 18 days as the IRS ramps up to pursue tax evaders.  For all US taxpayers with unreported offshore bank accounts, deposits, investment accounts, real estate and other assets this important deadline is fast approaching.  The consequences for failure to comply with US tax laws will be severe. If you have […]

September 28 is the Deadline for US Taxpayers with Offshore Accounts

September 28 is the deadline for US taxpayers with offshore accounts to come into compliance with IRS FBAR reporting requirements through the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program or OVDP.  US taxpayers who have yet to declare offshore bank accounts, investment accounts and assets have just over 3 weeks to declare these to the IRS or face […]

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