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Tax Services
Domestic and international tax services. Our San Diego based attorneys provide sound counsel on local, state, federal and international tax strategies.

Experienced San Diego Tax Attorney Providing Tax Services Throughout the United States

Working with an experienced partner who provides comprehensive tax services is one of the basics of business and personal life. As one of two commonly acknowledged certainties in life, taxes can be even more confusing than its counterpart, death. The tax services and transactional planning provided by Allen Barron remove this burden and put our clients in command of their financial decisions and prosperity.

Many individuals and businesses are unaware of their tax vulnerabilities. The tax codes change regularly and are hard to understand. Federal and state tax authorities can vacillate in their responses to perceived noncompliance. Some agencies have become aggressive in their regulatory and collection efforts, leaving the onus on the taxpayer to prove that he, she or it was compliant. This means you may need access to a knowledgeable tax professional you can trust.

Tax Services for IRS and California Tax Problem Prevention And Problem Solving

At Janathan L. Allen, APC we advise domestic and foreign clients on a broad range of tax matters. We provide a broad range of tax services for our clients prevent and solve problems by:

International and Domestic Tax Planning

Tax services must consider the domestic and international realities of investment and business ownership. Domestic and international tax planning is a process of looking at various tax options in order to determine whether, when and how to conduct business and personal transactions so that taxes are reduced or eliminated.

As an individual taxpayer or as a business owner, you will often have the option of completing a taxable transaction by more than one method. We can assist you in minimizing your tax liability both domestically and internationally. Allen Barron can handle all aspects of both international and domestic tax planning, from individuals with multiple residences and countries of origin to complex corporate structures.

Our international tax planners can develop international business strategies which minimize the amount of US tax paid, and generally position the company or the individual in a favorable tax position while still complying with the relevant tax laws and regulations. We can also assist US individuals and expatriates if they are temporarily sent abroad on long-term assignments.

Reasons To Hire A Tax Attorney

You probably need help resolving a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) or another tax authority. You may be facing a confusing array of choices: a tax lawyer, a CPA, a national tax resolution service or the company that prepared your tax return.

The outcome of your case can affect your finances, your assets and your business for years to come. It could also determine whether or not you face criminal tax charges. When you have this much at stake, it’s important to make your choice carefully. The tax services group support by our legal and accounting team at Allen Barron provide a more comprehensive, valuable and cost-effective answer to any tax challenge you may be facing.

There are many reasons why you should hire a tax lawyer supported by their own business, legal and accounting services. Here are just a few:

We understand tax law. Only an attorney can advise you about the law. Since tax law changes constantly, it’s important to select an attorney who focuses on tax law.
We offer attorney-client confidentiality. When you hire an attorney, you are protected by the attorney-client privilege. This is not the case if you hire a CPA or accounting firm.
We can protect you from criminal tax charges. If you face criminal tax charges, an accountant will not be able to help you. In fact, he or she may be compelled to testify against you.
We understand your options. Our lawyers understand the policies and procedures of the IRS, FTB and other tax authorities — in most cases, better than the employees who work for those agencies.
We won’t overpromise. As attorneys, we have a legal duty to act in your best interests. We are bound by ethical rules that prevent us from making promises we can’t keep.
We can take your dispute as far as it needs to go. Some tax services do little more than write letters on your behalf. Only a tax attorney can take your case to court if the tax authority refuses to negotiate.

OVDP – Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program and FBAR Reporting

The IRS has partnered with the US Justice Department to enforce FATCA in a way that places tremendous pressure on US taxpayers with money in offshore bank accounts, investments, assets, foreign trusts or foreign corporate ownership. The IRS has signed agreements with more than 100 sovereign nations including the Swiss Government and the Cayman Islands. The time is now to come into compliance with FBAR reporting requirements and offshore financial disclosures to the IRS.

Thousands of banking and investment institutions, as well as sovereign tax authorities around the world provide information directly to the IRS regarding the offshore account balances, assets and transactions of US taxpayers. The tax services offered by Allen Barron and Janathan L. Allen, APC are uniquely positioned to provide domestic and international tax advice, and to help clients to come into compliance with IRS offshore tax procedures.



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