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As one of two commonly acknowledged certainties in life, taxes can be even more confusing than its counterpart, death. Some people actually fear the inevitability and mystery of the former more than that of the latter.  The tax services provided by Allen Barron remove this burden and put our clients in command of their financial decisions and prosperity.

Many individuals and businesses are unaware of their tax vulnerabilities. The tax codes change regularly and are hard to understand. Federal and state tax authorities can vacillate in their responses to perceived noncompliance. Some agencies have become aggressive in their regulatory and collection efforts, leaving the onus on the taxpayer to prove that he, she or it was compliant. This means you may need access to a knowledgeable tax professional you can trust.

IRS and California Tax Problem Prevention And Problem Solving

At Janathan L. Allen, APC we advise domestic and foreign clients on a broad range of tax matters. We help our clients prevent problems and solve problems by:

OVDP – Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program and FBAR Reporting

The IRS has partnered with the US Justice Department to enforce FATCA in a way that places tremendous pressure on US taxpayers with money in offshore bank accounts, investments, assets, foreign trusts or foreign corporate ownership.  The IRS has signed agreements with more than 100 sovereign nations including the Swiss Government and the Cayman Islands.  The time is now to come into compliance with FBAR reporting requirements and offshore financial disclosures to the IRS.

Thousands of banking and investment institutions, as well as sovereign tax authorities around the world provide information directly to the IRS regarding the offshore account balances, assets and transactions of US taxpayers.  Allen Barron is uniquely positioned to provide international tax advice, and to help clients to come into compliance through the OVDP or Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, or the Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures.

Debunking Tax Mythology

Mythology must be confronted with facts. Nobody wants to pay taxes, yet everybody must pay. The benefit of having the counsel of an experienced tax lawyer is that a reliable reality check is available when you need it.

At Janathan L. Allen, APC our tax consultants are adept at helping clients optimize their tax position while avoiding scams and wishful thinking. We are here to help you protect your personal and business interests.

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