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Business Consulting & Planning
Our business consulting and planning professionals provide insight and actionable strategies for a multitude of risk factors and an array of competitive forces which must be considered in the formation and growth of any significant business.

San Diego Business Consulting & Advisory Services

Because a multitude of risk factors and an array of competitive forces must be considered in the formation and growth of any significant business, going it alone is simply not an option. If you are to be successful in the long run, you need good strategy and sound execution. Good intentions are simply not enough. The experience and expertise of our business consulting and planning team can be the difference between business failure, and success.

Allen Barron, Inc. provides management advisory services to a variety of businesses, from small businesses to international corporations. Allen Barron, Inc. advises business owners and executives who serve local, regional, national and worldwide markets. The business executives and consultants at Allen Barron include advisers with decades of experience managing multi-national corporations, mid-sized technology and retail establishments and small businesses.

This breadth of experience and expertise provides sound and valuable general business counsel to help you to avoid the pitfalls that have challenged or brought an end to other businesses like your own. We provide insight and recommendations at each stage of your company’s growth to maximize the opportunity for continuing success.

An Integrated Business Consulting Approach

By offering an integrated service, Allen Barron professionals bridge multiple legal and nonlegal disciplines, offering a single-source approach to management consulting. Our services include:

These services integrate smoothly with our contract and business legal services, business succession planning, domestic and international tax planning, and legal representation through Janathan L. Allen, APC. We can assist you in:

Establishing a new business: We can address all aspects of the creation of your venture, including entity selection, entity formation, capitalization and financing, business plans, tax planning and more.
Buying or selling an existing business: We can provide practical guidance regarding significant business transactions, including the critical legal elements that may be involved. We have extensive experience with mergers and acquisitions.
Managing your business: If you currently own or manage a business, we can advise you regarding opportunities, vulnerabilities and difficulties.

International Business and Supply Chain Management

We support your business as you expand your reach into offshore markets through joint ventures, or the creation and acquisition of foreign corporations. We expand your brand through licensing and distribution agreements that open new vertical niches and geographic markets that may be presently beyond your reach. We provide sound insight into relationships with vendors and suppliers, and partner with global sourcing partners to provide supply chain management to those who utilize materials when manufacturing or bundling their own products into a finished product for sale.

Contact Experienced Business Advisors

Professional athletes consistently perform at the highest levels of competition. All professional athletes rely on a coach to guide them and help them to learn and grow. Allen Barron provides this level of coaching to business owners throughout San Diego and the southwest United States.

Leveraging the legal services of Janathan L. Allen, APC when appropriate, we deliver solutions that are holistic, seamless and practical. Contact us or call for a free consultation regarding your business consulting and planning needs at 866-631-3470. Allen Barron, Inc., provides tax, accounting, financial and business management advisory services to individuals and businesses located in Southern California (including San Diego and Orange County), throughout the United States and around the globe.

Contact Us To Learn More About Allen Barron Business Consulting Services

For more information or to discuss your business needs contact Allen Barron or call 866-631-3470 for a free and confidential initial consultation. Learn about the importance of integrated business strategy and coordination across legal, tax and accounting systems.

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