Monthly business reviews are a very effective way to manage your business and ensure that you are considering all the key metrics and data about your venture’s performance.

In business reviews, each key manager or supervisor who reports to the senior executive provides a formal presentation on the progress and key metrics in his or her areas or responsibility. This challenges each subordinate to learn as much as he or she can about his or her individual areas of responsibility, and each individual must be able to report on his or her progress toward the annual goals of the company.

This presents the senior executive with a clear view of the entire business in one meeting. It quickly identifies which staff members are in control of their functions and which need assistance.

This management technique has been widely used in many large and small companies. Allen Barron, Inc. does not claim any ownership of this business process. We have used it very successfully ourselves and can assist you in implementing a similar process tailored to your specific company and management needs. We can assist your company in establishing successful business processes.

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