San Diego Business Contract Law Attorney

Why should every San Diego business have a relationship with an experienced and proven business contract law attorney? The business contract is literally the foundation of US business. You can directly project the success or failure of a business based upon the quality of the contracts it employs to govern relationships with vendors and suppliers, employees, and its customers. Allen Barron’s experienced contract attorneys prepare and review business contracts, and position your company to avoid litigation while expanding the profitability of each transaction.

The ability of individuals, partnerships, corporations and other types of entities to enter into binding and legally enforceable contractual obligations is truly one of the cornerstones of a civilized society. Contract law has evolved into an immensely complex and intricate component of our modern legal system. Although many types of contracts can be handled in the routine course of business, as contracts increase in size, scope, value and complexity, the need for competent legal advice also increases in a concomitant fashion.

A contract can be defined as a promise or set of promises for which the law gives a remedy, or the performance of which the law, in some way, recognizes as a duty. By establishing a mutual agreement, the parties to a contract create enforceable duties or obligations that are legally binding. Obviously, in most instances, it is preferable to establish written contractual relationships. However, written contractual instruments that are ambiguous or poorly drafted can create more problems than they solve. Written contracts should always be drafted in a clear, concise and understandable fashion.

How Does a Well Written Contract Reduce or Eliminate Risks of Litigation?

The challenge with a vague contract is that it leaves room for disagreement, and ultimately litigation. A well drafted contract clearly establishes what each party contributes to the deal, as well as the goods or services to be exchanged and the time frame for completion. Strong business contracts anticipate all foreseeable obstacles and potential challenges, while providing specific strategies to resolve them and remedies when the parties are unable to perform or become involved in a dispute.

The rights, duties, responsibilities and obligations of all of the parties to a contract must be clearly delineated or enumerated. Ideally, a reasonably intelligent and objective third party should be able to independently review a contract and generally comprehend its terms, conditions and provisions. The experienced business contract law attorneys at Allen Barron are prepared to develop or review your business contracts, protecting your company from expensive and time consuming litigation and increasing the odds of success on every business deal.

You have poured your hard work, time and monetary investment into your company. Isn’t it just as important to protect the transactions that sustain your business, and the relationships with those who work for you? Preserving and enhancing relationships with suppliers and customers alike is the key to success for any business. We invite you to contact us for a free and substantial consultation at 866-273-2693 regarding the review of existing contracts, or the creation of new agreements.

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