Supply Chain Management

Allen Barron, Inc. advises on the implementation of supply chain management to the supply of goods and services to businesses.

If your company uses materials in a manufacturing process and converts them to finished product for sale, then a detailed process for controlling the supply and cost of those materials saves money.

Allen Barron, Inc. can work with you to identify your complete material supply chain and the suppliers that provide your materials. From this analysis, we can identify the opportunities for cost savings and improved efficiency. This can include reduction in the number of suppliers, reduction in inventory levels and improved quality of supplied material and the relationship with suppliers.

We work with Synchronous Management International, a world leader in the field of supply chain management to implement state of the art processes to manage the entire materials supply chain.

About Network ProcurementSynchronous Management International

Network Procurement – Synchronous Management International is a Hong Kong based company that has been helping manufacturers all over the world improve productivity for almost 30 years. We partner with your company to help provide procurement, supply chain, lean manufacturing and operations savings. Our main services include our proprietary Network Procurement® Process and our Synchronous Management ® Process. We have applied these processes to over $75 billion worth of agreements in 36 countries, to deliver significant supply chain savings to our clients and to address their procurement and supply chain issues.

Our approach involves a synergistic re-engineering of the traditional client-supplier relationship. This fundamental paradigm shift, coupled with our database full of years of procurement data help our clients realize significant savings. Our team has implemented our proprietary processes in hundreds of companies – from Fortune 100′s to start-ups – and the results continue to generate saving for our clients of 10% – 40%. We tailor our approach to your individual business needs are transition to your team after final implementation.

We also work with clients to generate significant savings and improved profitability for their manufacturing and distribution operations. Please call us at 866-631-3470 to assess your opportunities for significant savings and improvement in operations.

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