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When The IRS Or FTB Comes Calling

Undergoing an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit or Franchise Tax Board (FTB) audit can be an unpleasant experience. The threat of a garnishment or levy, or having a lien?placed on your assets can be disastrous. These matters call for legal counsel when there is a lot at stake.

If you are visiting this page, you may already have a problem on your hands. Perhaps you were recently surprised to receive a demand letter from the IRS or a California tax authority or you know something bad is coming around the corner. Maybe you are already experiencing the impact of a lien on your property, or a bank levy. Now is the time to seek the advice of a tax lawyer with the ability to help you control the damage and restore order.

Put a Stop to a Levy or Garnishment

When the IRS or the State of California sends you notice of a bank levy or wage garnishment, you need to act immediately. We can help to put a stop to the order, or lessen the impact of the garnishment on your wages or income. A bank levy will freeze your bank account and all money within it will be seized by the IRS or California tax agency. This will apply to any funds that enter the account in the future as well until the IRS or California releases the Levy.

Wage and income garnishments are based upon a federal formula that does not reflect the cost of living here in San Diego. Our attorneys work with the tax agency to stand up for your financial circumstances, protect your budget and work to reduce the amount to be garnished or eliminate it altogether. There are alternatives, but you must take the action of placing a free call to us at 866-631-3470. We will provide a substantive consultation that will help you to improve your situation and provide peace of mind.

Complex Tax Problems. Practical Solutions.

At the law firm of Janathan L. Allen, APC, we find practical solutions to complex tax problems and controversies. We advise and represent businesses and individuals throughout Southern California and around the world.

A highly experienced tax attorney, Janathan L. Allen possesses an advanced degree in taxation (LL.M) and an MBA. Jan and her staff of CPAs, attorneys and accountants serve clients who desire a high level of comprehensive service.

Liens And Levies: How To Approach Serious Tax Problems

The law firm of Janathan L. Allen, APC is based in San Diego, California. We can answer your questions about how to approach tax audits, liens and bank levies.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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