California Tax AttorneyCalifornia tax authorities are becoming increasingly aggressive in their collection tactics. To avoid consequences such as tax liens, levies and garnishments, it’s important to contact an experienced tax attorney as soon as you learn you have a problem.

The good news is we can handle all of the communications with the FTB, EDD or BOE or other California tax agency to protect your interests and ensure the auditor or agent doesn’t seek to expand the scope and financial exposure associated with the inquiry

Allen Barron, Inc. and Janathan L. Allen, APC provide holistic tax, accounting and financial advisory services for individuals and businesses. With offices in San Diego and San Francisco, we represent clients throughout California.

If you have a dispute with a California tax authority contact Allen Barron or call 866-631-3470 to arrange a free and confidential initial consultation.

More Aggressive Than The IRS?

The state of California is known to collect on notices dating back 20 years, while the IRS acts on only the past seven years of debt. If you are a taxpayer experiencing difficulties, this creates the need for a strong advocate representing your position.

California Tax Audit LawyerIn California, state taxes take several forms. The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is responsible for
collecting state income taxes. The State Board of Equalization (BOE) handles sales and use tax, fuel tax and other excise tax programs. The Employment Development Department (EDD) collects payroll taxes.

The sooner you contact us concerning a California state tax dispute, the more options you will have in resolving it. Our lawyers can:

  • Analyze the tax claim and help you understand your options for responding to it
  • Help you take action to stop liens and levies on your property and accounts
  • Solve IRS tax controversies when they take precedence over state matters
  • Prepare and file missing tax returns


There are many businesses that promise tax help with California and IRS tax debts. Learn why you should hire a tax lawyer.

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Do you handle all California Tax Agencies?

Yes, we manage audits and interactions with the FTB, EDD and the BOE as well as local tax authorities across the State of California.

Are you more likely to be audited by California than the IRS?

Yes, California is very aggressive in tax matters and your risk of an audit is even higher if own a business or interest in a domestic or foreign corporation.

Can you help put a stop to California tax collection efforts?

Yes. In most cases we can put a stop to calls, letters and collection efforts for our clients.

Do I have to speak with the FTB, EDD or BOE?

You should never ignore contact by the California FTB, EDD or BOE. However, it is not in your best interest to speak directly with these highly trained and skilled tax agents. Our clients value the fact that we handle all communications with tax agencies on their behalf.