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As the subject of an audit, the burden of proof is on you to demonstrate that you followed the rules, even if you are completely innocent of wrongdoing. This guilty until proven innocent paradigm calls for careful preparation, which includes the development of a clear understanding of what to expect. We invite you download our free white paper “What to Expect from an IRS Audit” This important guide will help to bring you up to speed and provide important information about the entire process of an IRS audit – start to finish.

A Taxpayer Should Never Contact the IRS Directly

Most people know that an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit is not a positive development. The first and most important thing you should know about an IRS audit is that a taxpayer should never contact the IRS directly. The IRS revenue officers (also known as “auditors” or “agents”) are highly trained and skilled interrogators. They know how to lead you into a conversation that will compel you to disclose more information than you are required to provide. The IRS revenue officer understands that most US taxpayers want to get on the IRS’ “good side” and provide much more information than requested to seem “cooperative.” The IRS then uses this information to expand the scope of the audit, increase your exposure and substantially increase the amount of the check you will have to write at the end of the audit.

The experienced IRS audit attorneys at Allen Barron have extensive experience representing US taxpayers before the IRS. We know that the IRS has a strategy for your audit, and the information they request and substance of our conversation with the IRS (on your behalf) forces them to reveal this strategy. We work professionally with the IRS, while holding them to all applicable tax laws and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). This keeps the scope of the audit limited, reducing your potential exposure. We are able to substantially reduce or eliminate the costs you would have borne by representing yourself.

In addition, our clients appreciate the peace of mind they experience from removing all burden of communications with the IRS and knowing that Allen Barron is aggressively representing our client’s interests. We keep clients well informed throughout the process, and extend the protections of the “attorney-client privilege” throughout our representation before the IRS. This important protection is not available from your CPA, or from a national tax service or online provider. The attorney-client privilege is an absolute brick wall to the IRS – protecting the substance of all communications between you and your attorney at Allen Barron. This extends to emails, texts and phone conversations.

Don’t Be Naive. Be Prepared.

The truth about an IRS audit is that it is not designed to give you a fair shot; it is designed to incriminate you. In a manner similar to that of a law enforcement officer questioning a criminal suspect, the IRS is looking for information that can be used against you and it doesn’t have to read you your Miranda rights. For this reason, it is essential to seek the assistance of an experienced tax lawyer if you wish to mitigate the negative impact on your life or your business. It is especially critical to talk to your attorney before talking to the IRS.

At Janathan L. Allen, APC we provide legal advice and representation that enables our clients to withstand the challenges of an audit. Our firm assists clients by:

  • Providing careful tax analysis, developing strategies and offering informed prognoses
  • Helping avoid disclosures that can potentially broaden the scope of an audit
  • Helping determine exactly what documentation to give to the IRS
  • Appealing determinations post-audit, when appropriate

Again, the key to getting through an audit is preparation. To have a good chance of success, you need the right representation.

Contact Experienced IRS Audit Attorneys – The Consultation Is Free

Seeking a San Diego tax audit attorney with extensive experience? Contact Janathan L. Allen, APC?or call 866-631-3470 for a free and substantive initial consultation to discuss your tax-related matter.

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