A San Diego business should have a strong business strategy to ensure success and profitability.  Our decades of experience in business management, tax, legal and accounting provides valuable insight into the development of a strong business strategy and the implementation of operations and systems to support it.  Our clients value the ability to draw upon the experience of those who have successfully managed companies from small local small businesses to multi-national major public corporations.   We can tell you from our own experience: “It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from.  What genuinely matters is a strong business strategy and consistent focused action supported by the ability to monitor and analyze what has happened so that you can apply what you’ve learned.”

CNN recently noted that California’s small business failure rate is 69% higher than the national average.  Why is this?  What can you do to increase the odds of success in your business venture, or improve the performance of an under-performing company?  The integrated business consulting, tax, legal and accounting experts at Allen Barron provide insight from a much broader and more valuable perspective.  Most business owners must turn to 3 or 4 separate entities to get a portion of the answer to a question.  Each vendor provides their insight into a piece of the puzzle, but who will help you to genuinely understand the picture as a whole?

Your business attorney will recommend one thing, and your tax attorney will recommend another.  Your CPA provides a third recommendation and your business consultants have a different perspective altogether.  The business, legal, tax and financial interests of any business challenge are rarely in harmony with one another.  Each professional discipline incurs cost, and yet you still may not have the right answer to the challenge at hand.

Allen Barron integrates these disciplines in a single-source vendor.  This provides a much higher and more informed perspective while leveraging the value of time and economies of scale.  You get a stronger answer which balances the perspectives of business, tax, legal and financial in a single meeting while reducing the associated cost.

Allen Barron will help you to develop and execute a well conceived plan which generates measurable results along the way.  This is the foundation of a strong business strategy and the difference between business failure and profitable success.  We invite you to download our free guide “What is the Life Cycle of a Business?” and contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.

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