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Effective Business Contracts Produce Smoother and More Profitable Business Transactions

Allen Barron’s unique legal, tax, business advisory and accounting expertise provide solid insight into how a business can ensure maximum profit and success.  One of the crucial components of any business strategy lies in the quality of the contracts deployed across the business itself.  Based upon our decades of business experience, we can tell you that effective business contracts produce smoother and more profitable business transactions while protecting your business and important relationships.  Unfortunately, many business professionals with less experience or tighter budgets attempt to take short-cuts by downloading contracts from internet sites, or copying existing contracts and attempting to modify them.  This is a recipe that ultimately leads to litigation, business losses and damage to important business relationships.

The reason for using self-modified or downloaded contracts is usually related to money.  The perception of the cost associated with hiring our attorneys to develop your contracts is often much higher than the reality – especially when you consider the potential outcomes of poorly constructed contracts.  Our seasoned contract attorneys craft business contracts that are tailored for your unique business in a cost-effective manner.  California is a progressive state with many laws that complicate downloaded contracts or attempting to modify something you’ve found on the internet.  While we start with proven boilerplate contracts to reduce your costs, our expertise in California law and the unique aspects of your business help us to quickly tailor agreements to your needs.

This ensures that all aspects of the transaction or business relationship governed by the contract are clearly defined.  Our contracts establish the roles and responsibilities of all parties, a concise description of the goods and/or services to be delivered and the time frame associated with the contract.  We anticipate the many things that can go wrong along the way, and put specific remedies and methods for resolving disputes into the language of your contract.  In the end effective business contracts produce smoother and more profitable transactions by guiding the parties through the process to a successful and profitable conclusion.  If you are interested in learning more about the contracts that govern your business and how our attorneys can contribute to the success of your business we invite you call for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.