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Even with potential IRS issues looming, get your tax filing ready

Last week, we wrote a post about how the Internal Revenue Service is predicted to have a very tough time this year with tax returns. More specifically, that post talked about predictions that say the IRS will struggle to even respond to half of the inquests they get from taxpayers who have serious or time-sensitive questions to ask the agency.

Today we talk about preparing for the tax season. Yes, we’ve been here before too, but it doesn’t hurt to send multiple reminders when it comes to such an important topic, such as taxes. And even though there is a potential cloud of controversy circling over the IRS (given what the post we linked to discusses) it doesn’t mean you can just bury your head in the sand and avoid your taxes.

With that in mind, get yourself organized and prepare yourself for April 15th. You should learn where your income puts you in terms of the income thresholds. This could have a dramatic effect on your tax return and how you file your taxes.

If you are uncomfortable mailing in your tax filing, then you’re in luck: electronic filings are available! While there is obviously some risk attached to this way of filing as well, it can cut down the time you spend worrying about whether the IRS gets your filing. And it is a nice alternative if you have procrastinated on filing your taxes.

Which brings us to the last reminder: you can file a document with the IRS if you need more time to fill out your taxes. If you can’t meet the April 15 deadline, don’t worry. The extension will give you plenty of extra time to get your filing in to the IRS.

Source:, “Seriously, start planning for 2015 tax returns now,” Andrew Osterland, Jan. 22, 2015