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Happy Thanksgiving San Diego

Allen Barron would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, and hope you enjoy safe travels if you are on the road this holiday.  The year has brought many good things to the San Diego area, and we are thankful for the improving economy, commercial growth and expanding recovery being experienced throughout the San Diego region.

We are most thankful for our clients, and the opportunity to be of service to the San Diego business community.  This area is home to a unique blend of military and civilian business opportunities, engineering and cutting edge technology sectors, health care, dining and entertainment and corporate interests.  This year has brought continued improvements in real estate values, new construction starts and recovery both in terms of employment and economic investment.

We hope you and your familiy are experiencing prosperity this season and throughout the year.  We are most thankful for our customers, and look forward to being of service to such a vibrant and growing community.  Happy Thanksgiving San Diego.