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Poor Contracts Lead to Business Litigation in San Diego

It may seem attractive to download business contracts from an online legal site.  However, poor contracts lead to business litigation in San Diego and Southern California.  Allen Barron carefully crafts business contracts to protect the interests of our clients.  We also represent those who become involved in business-to-business (B2B) or civil disputes due to poorly constructed or downloaded contracts.

Allen Barron carefully crafts business contracts for our clients which clearly capture the roles of the parties and nature of the transaction or relationship the contract will govern.  Whether it is a one-time contract such as an asset purchase or stock purchase acquisition, or a contract you will you use again and again Allen Barron’s legal team ensures your business contracts provide the greatest opportunity to complete a transaction or create a successful business or employment relationship.

One of the challenges of downloaded forms and contracts are the complex and unique laws here in the State of California.  There are many crucial clauses and provisions which must be incorporated into a California contract.  The contract itself should be constructed to efficiently and smoothly guide the parties through a transaction or a relationship.

A well crafted contract reduces the opportunity for a party to raise an issue, however business conflicts and disputes will arise from time to time.  Allen Barron’s skilled dispute resolution team works to negotiate a settlement with the other party or parties and their representatives.  This is the fastest and least expensive path to resolve a dispute or pending lawsuit.  We represent clients in mediation, arbitration and ultimately in trial here in San Diego and throughout Southern California.

Poor contracts lead to business litigation in San Diego and throughout California, while carefully crafted business contracts help to avoid conflict and lawsuits and ensure maximum opportunity for success and profit.  We invite you to contact us or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation today.