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The IRS Can Freeze Your Bank Account, and Take Your Money

The IRS has tremendous powers when it comes to the collection of overdue or disputed taxes, including freezing your bank account and taking your money.  In some cases, the IRS will do so without notification.  In others, the IRS sends taxpayers a Notice of Intent to Levy.

A levy is the legal right to seize an asset and sell it to satisfy tax debt.  This is a powerful and disruptive tool that the IRS uses against bank accounts, vehicles, personal and real property and even business ownership.  If you have received a notification of the Intent to Levy, or the IRS has frozen your bank account you should call us immediately for a free and substantive consultation at 866-631-3470.

You should never face the IRS alone, and if they have decided to levy your assets you are at an immediate and substantial disadvantage.  In many cases, the IRS or California tax agency have incorrectly levied your accounts or assets and we can help you to put a stop to it.  In other cases, seizing all your money places an immediate and substantial financial hardship on you or your business, and there may be remedies to protect you in these circumstances.