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The Value of an Attorney When Starting a New Company in San Diego

What value can an attorney really provide to an entrepreneur who is starting a new company or business in San Diego?  Why shouldn’t a person just go download forms from a website, and attempt to file the necessary forms on their own?  After all, money is often very tight when you’re starting a business, and paying money to an attorney is often hard for a new business owner to understand or value.

If you believe in the school of hard knocks, and “learning as you go” you probably can relate to these questions.  However, the genuine and immediate answer to questions of the value of consulting with Allen Barron when starting a business is simple: money, and a lot of it.

The first and most important point is that we will provide you with a free and substantive consultation up front.  That doesn’t cost you anything.  We will discuss your unique circumstances and the nature of your new business.  If things are as basic and straight forward as you believe, we will candidly share a few things you can do to provide additional protection and you can move forward on your own.

However, an LLC, S Corporation or C Corporation exists for one reason: to protect you and your personal assets.  If there is more than one owner or partner in the venture the complications associated with the corporate documents and operational agreements become much more complicated.

California law recently changed, and provides unbalanced priority to minority business ownership positions unless corporate documents and agreements specifically designate otherwise.  These are complex legal clauses, and the forms you would download from a website or copy off of the internet do not provide necessary legal clauses and protections.

You don’t want to spend six months, a year or longer pouring your time, sweat and hard earned money into your new business only to have a partner or minority owner force you out of it.  It is also important to understand issues such as “commingling of funds and assets,” and other issues related to protection of the “corporate veil.”

The value our attorneys provide at the outset of your business returns to you quickly and often.  Our work helps your company to get off to a faster start on a stronger foundation.  We help you to protect yourself from developments downstream before they ever arise.  We eliminate liabilities that can result in expensive litigation that can ultimately cost you the business you are working so hard to develop.

If you are starting a new company in San Diego we invite you to call us for a free and substantial consultation at 866-631-3470.  If you value candor, information and deep business experience the conversation will be of great benefit and value to you.  If you are serious about your new company, the value of Allen Barron’s counsel and services will far exceed the small investment you make into your new company.

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