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Allen Barron is Your Single Source for Any California IRS or International Tax Issue

Most businesses and corporations work with separate individuals and entities to provide:

  • legal services
  • tax preparation and filing
  • local, state, national and international tax advice
  • bookkeeping and accounting
  • Strategic planning and consulting


The problem with working with separate individuals and areas of expertise is they can only see their “piece of the puzzle.”  A lawyer won’t know how an entity structure decision will impact tax implications for all entities within the corporate structure.  A business consultant won’t have any idea what impact a recommended change will have upon how your business captures transactional information to inform dashboards, accounting, tax decisions and ultimately the measurement of success.

Depending upon Allen Barron as your single source for any California IRS or international tax issue ensures one problem doesn’t enflame another.  For example, California and the IRS exchange information directly.  If you resolve a tax issue with California, the next knock on the door will be from the IRS and vice versa.  Most local tax professionals and financial advisors do not have the knowledge, skill or insight into multi-state or international tax issues or transactions.

When a tax dispute arises between individuals or corporate entities and California, the IRS or international  taxation authorities you need the right answer and sound counsel. Allen Barron is uniquely positioned to provide taxation counsel, accounting and legal services and support in any matter relating to a California IRS or international tax issues such as an Audit, revenue officer interview, offer in compromise, liens, levies or garnishment, administrative appeals, failure to file or other tax related “controversies”.

Our relationship is governed by attorney-client privilege so you have additional protections not enjoyed by a relationship with a CPA or non-attorney tax counselor. The attorney-client protection allows us to have a “full and frank” conversation so that we can gain a complete understanding of all potential legal and taxation related issues and develop effective strategies to minimize your exposure and take maximum advantage of the legal provisions within California and US tax code.

Allen Barron is your single source for any California IRS or international tax issue.  If you are concerned about any tax related challenge or have received a notice from California, the IRS or an international tax agency we invite you to contact us or call to speak with us or schedule a free consultation at 866-631-3470.