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Defending San Diegans in an IRS Audit

Are you looking for skilled tax attorneys with extensive experience defending San Diegans in an IRS audit or tax dispute?  Allen Barren has decades of experience in legal and tax matters here in San Diego and throughout the greater Southwest US.  We represent individuals and business owners who have been targeted by the IRS for a field audit, office audit or interview with an IRS revenue officer.

The first and perhaps most important thing you need to know about an IRS audit is this:

You are not required to speak directly with the IRS, and it is usually not in your interest to do so.  Most US taxpayers want to get on the good side of the auditor and to appear honest.  They provide far too much information in response to IRS inquiries.  The sad fact is the IRS then uses this information to expand the scope of the audit while significantly increasing the amount you will ultimately owe.

The IRS has limited resources these days, and if you are the target of an audit the agency has determined they can collect enough cash from you to make the time investment worth it.  They already have a strategy for your audit and in many cases a target “assessment” in additional taxes you will pay at the end of it.  Crucial decisions will arise during your audit.  For example, the IRS is limited to three years from the date you file a return to complete the audit and assess additional taxes.  This is known as the statute of limitations.  In many cases the audit reaches this critical deadline and the agency asks the taxpayer to voluntarily extend it.  Should you?  Is this genuinely in your interest?

If you have been contacted by the IRS for a field audit or office audit contact the firm with extensive decades of experience defending San Diegans in an IRS audit or tax dispute.  We invite you to download our free white paper “What to Expect From an IRS Audit” and contact Allen Barron or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation.  Learn about your rights as a taxpayer and the value of the protections of the attorney client privilege.