What can a tax attorney do for you?

What can a tax attorney do for you and why should you look for tax attorneys with integrated accounting and legal services?

It Begins with an Aversion to Taxes

An aversion to taxes is why America exists, but disliking taxes is not an acceptable excuse for failing to pay them: you need legal help to address tax issues.

Vintage illustration features the Boston Tea Party, a political protest that occurred on December 16, 1773, at Griffin’s Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts. American colonists, frustrated and angry at Britain for imposing “taxation without representation,” dumped 342 chests of British tea into the harbor. The event was the first major act of defiance to British rule over the colonists and a significant event that led to the American Revolution.

In 1773, the Sons of Liberty tossed a few barrels of tea into Boston Harbor in protest because they had no intention of wasting a drop of the beverage whose oppressive taxation by the British most raised their ire: rum.  The rum business was the largest and most profitable industry in colonial America, at least until the Sugar Act of 1764 came along, and rebellious souls began to air their taxation grievances throughout the colonies – many of them in taverns over a glass of (heavily taxed) rum.

An aversion to high taxes is even more American than apple pie (which took until the 1800s to become a delicious symbol of national pride).  There is nothing wrong or unpatriotic about wanting to pay no more than your fair share, and you should realize the maximize value possible under the tax code. But, you probably will not be able to do it alone; an experienced tax attorney can help in a variety of ways.

Prevent Tax Audits and Minimize Tax Exposure

Benjamin Franklin is credited with coining the idiom, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Although Ben was talking about firefighting in Philadelphia, he could just as well have been referencing the modern American tax system.

An IRS Tax Audit Opens the Door for California Tax Agencies - you need Allen Barron - San Diego IRS tax law and accounting 866-631-3470So what can a tax attorney do for you and why should you consider Allen Barron?  Becoming familiar with the ins and outs of the tax code takes years, and the domestic tax code has brought substantial recent revisions which change fundamental domestic tax strategies.  There are much fewer deductions for the typical US taxpayer and a new transactional plan is required to ensure minimum tax exposure.

US taxpayers have been lulled into a false sense of security.  The prevalence of tax preparation software and the offerings of national tax preparation services seem to make taxes a breeze.  The simple reality is this:  tax preparation should only be a breeze if you aren’t making a lot of money.  If you (and your spouse if applicable) earn above $150,000, have your own business or S-Corporation, have international or offshore investments or are living abroad as a U.S. citizen you need an experienced international tax attorney.

What can a tax attorney do for you to reduce taxes and exposure to audits?  Getting professional assistance in avoiding tax problems can not only mean value at the outset, it can save you from costly fines and penalties down the road.  You may even avoid the hassle and expense of an IRS audit or California tax inquiry entirely, as experienced tax attorneys know how to defuse the red flags that the IRS commonly looks for in deciding who should be audited.

An Experienced Tax Lawyer can Argue Against Audits and Penalties and Settle Tax Debts

So, you agree that Ben Franklin gives good advice and wish you had taken it, but the tea’s already floating away in the harbor.  Is it too late to benefit from the assistance of a tax attorney and what can a tax attorney do for you?

San Diego Tax Services - Tax AttorneyHardly. If you are being audited, your tax attorney can argue that the IRS or the State of California got it wrong and appeal if necessary.  Your tax lawyer can minimize penalties and interest, and may even be able to settle your tax debt for less than you owe.   And, when tax evasion charges are being contemplated, your lawyer can help convince the IRS that you made an honest mistake rather than a criminal decision – potentially keeping matters from leaving the arena of dollars and cents and progressing into that of bars and chains.

Whether you need tax advice to prevent problems or to address them, now is the time to get in touch with an experienced tax attorney.  We invite you to contact Allen Barron or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced tax lawyers.