Integrated services provide insight into corporate tax reform as Allen Barron helps our clients to analyze and implement strategy based upon tax, legal and business issues and opportunities.  No one knows for sure what reforms are coming from Capital Hill.  The consensus hints at a “once-in-a-generation” overhaul and reduction in corporate tax rates.  This will obviously be packaged with financial reforms impacting many areas of business, including tax and financial issues remaining from healthcare.  A substantial reduction in corporate tax rates will impact the balance of international taxation and associated multi-national business structures.

A lower US corporate tax rate will impact a multi-national San Diego business and those who do business across borders in many ways.  How is your constellation of companies presently structured?  What is the relationship between these entities and how and where is income realized across these companies?  How are transfer pricing related transactions conducted between these entities presently and how will this be impacted by changing corporate tax models?

In addition to the rumblings in Washington D.C., here in California our legislature is working to remove many of the advantages of the water’s edge election.  How will these changes impact your organization and the profitability of your business enterprises?  Allen Barron provides integrated business tax, legal, advisory and accounting services to local, regional, national and international businesses.  This year is shaping up to have historical significance on business here in California, the United States and around the world.  Are you prepared for these changes?  Is your corporate structure designed to quickly adapt to the challenges and opportunities which will arise?

The integration of tax, legal, advisory and accounting services results in answers reflecting a much broader perspective balancing impacts of decisions upon operations, strategy, business entity structures, accounting procedures, transactions and relationships.  It will also have a profoundly positive impact upon local, state, federal and international taxation.  Allen Barron’s clients value the ability to turn to a single source for insight into these complex problems knowing they will receive an informed, accurate answer that balances the whole of your business and not simply one portion of the picture.

Integrated services provide insight into corporate tax reform and all of the California, US and international business challenges and opportunities while leveraging economies of scale.  You pay less than you would to four or five separate business professionals (such as a business attorney, CPA, business consultants, tax attorney, tax preparers and accountants).  You gain a much broader and complete insight into the challenges you face and the impact each decision will have upon every aspect of your business.

You can’t discern a picture from a portion of the image at a distance.  You need clear insight into the whole picture – all of the pieces integrated into a single image that helps you to clearly understand the options available to you so that you can make the right choice.  We invite you to contact Allen Barron for a free consultation at 866-631-3470 to learn how our integrated services provide insight into corporate tax reform and all of the complex challenges and opportunities you face as a business owner, manager or executive.

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